AB is a limited liability partnership, whose sole participant is the state represented by the Technical Regulations and Metrology Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan (TRMC).

TRMC does not intervene in the accreditation process of NCA, assessment process and decision-making process on accreditation issues.

TRMC has also subordinate enterprises such as Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology Republican State Enterprise and Kazakhstan Institute of Standardization and Certification Republican State Enterprise.

Each of these enterprises is headed by an independent director and has separate staff and property. They, as well as TRMC, have no influence on the assessment results and the area of activity of these enterprises is not related to accreditation, which eliminates the conflict of interests.  

# Name Documentation
1 Declaration on impartiality with KTRM 
2 Agreement on Non-Interference of NCA with RSE "Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology" 
3 Agreement on Non-Interference of NCA with RSE "Kazakhstan Institute of Standardization and Certification"