Funding Information

Accreditation Body (AB) operates on self-financing basis. Calculation of labor costs on works in the field of accreditation has been established in 7.9 Standard of RK. All activities of the AB in the field of accreditation are carried out contractually with applicant/subject for accreditation.  

Sources of the AB income are:
  • Income from accreditation operations according to agreements with applicants and subjects for accreditation; 
  • Payment for participation in conferences, assessors training courses and other seminars, which are organized by the AB;  
  • Budgetary funding of government programs. 

Sources of expenses are:
  • AB staff salary; 
  • Payments for engaged staff; 
  • Expenses on participation of the AB staff in courses, conferences, training seminars and etc. 
  • Annual fees of the AB for membership at EA, ILAC, IAF; 
  • Participation at meetings of assemblies, sci-tech commissions, committees, international and regional accreditation organizations; 
  • Expenses associated with visits of foreign assessors to the AB in the scope of international and regional cooperation; 
  • Expenses associated with formulation of AB documents or preparation and issuance of other publications of the AB, translations of documents approved by international and regional organizations; 
  • Expenses on publications in mass media and posting information on the internet. 

Financial Analysis and Accounting Departments keep documents which represents income and expenses of the AB.