Accreditation Body:

1) has a right to:
  • engage expert-auditors in accreditation, conformity verification, measurements unity, and technical experts and other specialists to participate in accreditation; 
  • engage in the activities of international (regional) non-governmental and non-state organizations for accreditation; 
  • arrange comparative tests and comparisons of testing and calibration results of measurement instruments; 
  • carry out audits; 

2) is obliged to:
  • establish forms of accreditation certificates, appendixes to accreditation certificates and accreditation mark; 
  • carry out accreditation activities; 
  • prevent disclosure of commercial or any other legally protected secrets, which has become known during accreditation activities; 
  • maintain a register of subjects for accreditation; 
  • maintain a website, officially publish a register of subjects for accreditation and place regulations on accreditation of conformity assessment; 
  • consider the complaints of subjects for accreditation and decide upon them; 
  • notify in writing the authorized body within three business days in case of withdrawal of the accreditation certificate or termination of post-accreditation agreement; 
  • consider applications for renewal of accreditation certificates and updating accreditation materials; 
  • withdraw, return the accreditation certificate and apply to court to annul the accreditation certificate on the basis and in the manner prescribed by this.