# Name Documentation
1 Order about foundation Technical Committee on Certification bodies
2 Minutes of TC on CB meetings # 1 as of 09.06.15
3 Amended Order about TC on product, service and MS CB
PP 02-04.10 Regulations on Technical Accreditation Committees
PP 02-04.14 Provision on ILC Technical Committee (ed.1)    download 
Order on Approval of Provision and composition of Technical Committee on ILC
PP 02-04.26 Provision on Technical Committee for TL (centers) accreditation
Order on approval  of Provision on Technical Committee for  testing laboratories (centers) accreditation and composition of  Technical Committee for  testing laboratories (centers) accreditation    download 
PP 02-04.31 Provision on Technical Committee for  CB accreditation (ed.1)    download 
10  PP 02-04.37 MS.Provision of Technical Committee on medical laboratories accreditation changed.1 10.08.2017  download 
11  Minutes of TC on CB meetings   as of 13.05.2016 download
12  Minutes of TC on CB meetings   as of 27.06.2017 download
13  Minutes of TC on CB meetings   as of 20.11.2017 download 

There are Technical Committee on Accreditation for organizing activities in the field of accreditation in accordance with international requirements (further - TC):
- Testing Labs
- Calibration and verification Labs
- Certification bodies
- On Interlaboratory comparisons
The TC main principles of activity and functions are specified in Provision on TC (PP 02-04.10) .