In Astana passed the expanded session of the Accreditation Council. The event was dedicated to the World Day of accreditation, the international community celebrated annually on June 9. The motto of 2016 is: "Accreditation: the global public interest support tool."

Assessment of product compliance with national and international standards bodies involved in conformity assessment and / or testing laboratories. And the competence of such bodies and laboratories in turn confirms a single notified body. In Kazakhstan, this function is performed by the National Accreditation Centre.

Accreditation in the field of conformity assessment is the basis of conformity assessment, as determined by competent authorities for conformity assessment, testing, calibration and medical laboratories to engage in certain activities.

The accreditation system in the assessment of conformity of the Republic of Kazakhstan is developed and the relevant international standards. The legal basis of the national accreditation system is defined by a separate law "On accreditation of conformity assessment", and the procedures and forms of documents established by normative legal acts and document management system to meet the requirements of the international standard ISO / IEC 17011 "Authorities engaged in the evaluation and accreditation bodies to assess compliance. Primary requirements".

Opening the meeting, Vice - Minister for Investment and Development of Kazakhstan Albert Rau, emphasized the importance of accreditation in the implementation of public policy. Chairman of the Committee on Consumer Protection of the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aliakpar Matishev, noted the work being done in the area of ​​product safety and public health, about the ongoing trials in accredited laboratories for the purpose of the risk of exclusion associated with injury to life, the environment, human health, environment including flora and fauna, of the changes in the Law "on protection of consumers' rights. Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology Galymzhan Dougal, provided information on the state and prospects of development of Kazakhstan accreditation system. In particular, he said about the quality of Kazakhstan according to the national infrastructure of international models for accreditation body achievements of sovershestvovaniya unified system of accreditation in the industry, as well as on the ongoing work on the automation of processes of accreditation. Former Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in the Republic of Kazakhstan (2005-2011 gg.) Mr. Dushan Podgorski, spoke about the modern problems of accreditation and control over the market. Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan Abelgazi Kusainov, highlighted the history of the formation of the system of technical regulation in Respublike.Nachalnik Testing Laboratory of JSC "CNPC-Aktobe" Kuliash potassium, spoke about the role of accreditation in ensuring the quality of products manufactured in the company of JSC "CNPC-Aktobe". President of the Association of Legal Entities "National Association of Construction Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (NASO RK) Ermuhanova Adelsha, noted the need to use an accredited conformity assessment in the construction industry.

In order to clarify the use of an accredited conformity assessment, international organizations in the field of conformity assessment, such as the ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation), IAF (International Accreditation Forum), ISO (International Organization for Standardization), IIOC (an independent international organization for certification) www.publicsectorassurance.org website has been designed to showcase examples from around the world with the use of accreditation in support of public policy efforts.

For active participation in the development of the Republic of Kazakhstan system of accreditation were awarded certificates of honor Chairman of the Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Republic of Kazakhstan THE WORLD The following representatives of state bodies and business: Sadvakassov Nurkan Olzhabaevich - Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Consumer Protection of the Ministry of National Economy; Kasymov Aigul Kamitovna - Head metrology control and conformity assessment CTRM; Kapaev Sautbek Aripovich - Head of Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology Department in Astana; Abelseitova Svetlana Kapiyatovna - General Director of OPS CM LLP «National center of certification"; Kaliyeva Kuliash Bayzukeevna - Head IL JSC "CNPC Aktobe".

Having heard and discussed by participants extended meeting of the Accreditation Council is invited to intensify cooperation with the line ministries by the accreditation body, as well as to continue work on informing authorities and the public of the need for compliance with international accreditation standards.