1. The applicant shall submit an application for accreditation to the accreditation body (AB), according to Appendix 1 of the Decree No. 322 d.d. August 22, 2008 of the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan, (hereinafter – the Decree of the Minister of MIT RK), including the following (Appendix A):
  • the name of the legal entity’s Applicant; 
  • the designation of the normative document against which the Applicant is being accredited; 
  • the Applicant’s activities or the products applied for testing and the types of measurements; 
  • the Applicant’s legal status: name, founders, governing body of the legal entity, address, telephone, fax, e-mail, website, account, TRN; 
  • the full name of the Applicant organizations Head; 
  • the full name and telephone of the officer responsible for the contact with the accreditation body. 
  • the serial number of the accreditation certificate in case of its re-accreditation; 
  • it shall be signed and sealed by the Applicant organizations’ Head. 
 2. The Applicant shall attach to the application a set of materials for accreditation according to the Law of RK on Accreditation in the field of Conformity Assessment, and other additional documents provided by the normative documents against which the accreditation is sought, as well as submit the scope of accreditation and the laboratory (center) passport on an electronic medium.
3. Applications for the extension and updating of accreditation materials and the reissuance of accreditation certificate shall be executed in the prescribed form with the documents attached according to the Order of the Minister of MIT RK. Note: One set of accreditation materials shall be attached to the application for examination and contract conclusion.

Примечание:К заявке прилагается один комплект материалов аккредитации для экспертизы и заключения договора.

1. Applications and documents shall be sent to the AB with a cover letter to carry out accreditation.
2. A cover letter shall be executed:
  • according to the form on the Applicant’s letterhead (Appendix A); 
  • specifying the normative document against which the accreditation is sought; 
  • the details of the Applicant organization, and 
  • it shall be certified by the signature of the Applicant organization’s Head. 
 3. In the cover letter the Applicant shall agree to comply with the accreditation requirements and commitments towards AB. Applications for accreditation with a set of documents shall be received by the Secretariat, which verifies the application documents received, the completeness of submitted materials and correctness of its execution in accordance with the registration forms approved by the Decree of the Minister of MIT RK, and the availability of e-documents (the scope of accreditation and passport). If the application and (or) the documents attached do not meet the requirements of the Law of RK On Accreditation in the Field of Conformity Assessment, or the documents are not complete, the AB Secretariat shall return the application indicating the reasons for the return within five working days, counted from the date of its receipt and signed by the Head of the body.
The applicant shall submit to the accreditation body a set of materials for the Accreditation Materials Review Commission containing the following:
  • the application including the registration number of the accreditation body that was assigned at the stage of acceptance and consideration of the application and documents submitted. 
  • the declared scope of accreditation; 
  • passport (for testing laboratories (centers) and legal entities engaged in verification and calibration of measuring instruments and metrological certification of measurement techniques); 
  • information about personnel performing the conformity assessment (for conformity assessment bodies); 
  • Quality Manual; 
  • Regulation; 
  • notarized copies of documents establishing the Applicant’s legal status (the charter, the branch regulation, the certificate of public registration (re-registration), the certificate of branch record registration (re-registration), and the statistical card). Depending on the declared scope of accreditation the Applicant shall submit other documents required for accreditation in accordance with the regulations.
  1. The scope of accreditation shall be submitted as electronically. 
  2. A set of materials for accreditation shall be prepared for the final inspection in two copies and when submitting the materials for accreditation to the Review Commission according to the Law of RK On Accreditation in the Field of Conformity Assessment.
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