# Name Documentation
1 IAF_MD_5_2015-rus Determination of Audit Time of Quality and Environmental Management Systems   download
2 IAF_MD_11_2013-rus IAF MD 11:2013 IAF Mandatory Document for Application of ISO/IEC 17021 for Audits of Integrated Management Systems (IMS)   download
3 IAF_MD_12_новое 2016-rus AF MD 12:2016 Accreditation Assessment of Conformity Assessment Bodies with Activities in Multiple Countries   download
IAF_MD_15_2014-rus IAF Mandatory Document for the Collection of Data to Provide Indicators of Management System Certification Bodies' Performance   download   
5   IAF-MD_2-2007 Transfer of Accredited Certification of Management Systems   download 
6 IAF-MD_10-2013 IAF Mandatory Document for Assessment of Certification Body Management of Competence in Accordance with ISO/IEC 17021: 2011   download 

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