ACCREDITATION (Latin accredo – to confide) is generally a process as a result of which a formal conformity verification of the quality of rendered services to some standard is acquired. It is most common in the area of professional services, to assess the quality of which a consumer usually does not have sufficient competence.
           In terms of conformity assessment accreditation is applied to testing, calibration and verification laboratories, certification and inspection bodies, which are generally referred to as Conformity Verification Bodies.
           ACCREDITATION OF CONFORMITY ASSESSMENT (hereinafter- Accreditation) is a procedure of an official recognition of the Applicant’s competence to work in a certain conformity assessment field by the Accreditation Body.
            Accreditation of Laboratories, and Certification and Inspection Bodies means sufficiently rigid verification of technical staff competency to carry out certain activities, assessment of management systems for this activity, as well as verification of provision with necessary equipment and techniques.